VELIKOROSS mug “The bird of happiness”


In Russian ancient mythology the bird of happiness brought the good news, sang divine songs and gave hope for the brighter future. Russian man has always believed, that people deserve a happy life and strived for it. As the saying goes, a bird of happiness will protect you from bad luck and a mug with the bird will cheer you up. Of course, if you pour some tea in it.

The products are made of high-quality eco-friendly porcelain, mugs look very elegant and seem quite small in volume, but in fact their capacity is no less than 0.57 liters!

Cassedy, Chicago
25.03.2020 16:08

I love the size, feel, and look of this mug. I originally wanted another one but ordered this mug. I should have bought more. They are perfect mugs and very well made.

19.03.2020 13:30

The mug is simple and pretty, perfect gifts for friends, highly recommend, because the price is very affordable!

13.03.2020 12:01

Very nice painting, I'm sure evrybody fold of Russia will love it like I do!