VELIKOROSS mug “Russian fishing”


Russian fishing combines the most opposite and great qualities of the Russian soul! Our fishing is a concept so broad, that someone will imagine quiet, solitary nature contemplation and reflection on the eternal when the fish bucket is empty like a well in a drought; others will imagine great fun, when there is already enough fish caught to get everyone together and loudly celebrate magnificent catch! As they say, breadth of the soul and mother wit will make Russian fishing lit!

The products are made of high-quality eco-friendly porcelain, mugs look very elegant and seem quite small in volume, but in fact their capacity is no less than 0.57 liters!

25.03.2020 16:06

Love this collection so much! Interesting design and good material, I washed it many times and color is still there.

Jessica, USA
19.03.2020 13:16

I bought this as a gift for my husband. I love finding beautiful practical items as gifts and this is perfect for that - reminiscent of our trip to Russia.

13.03.2020 11:54

We decided to buy this mug as a gift to all our male colleagues and they liked the idea! Now everybody's using this mug and we think of getiing one for girls as well!