VELIKOROSS mug “Blue bird”


Strange as it may seem, the blue bird actually exists, but we usually mean some kind of unrealistic dream, that we want to come true by all means. At the same time, for the Russian soul beautiful tit won’t be enough, Russian man wants to catch the blue bird by the tail! So, a mug for now and then we will see… As they say, you don’t need a tit in the hand when looking for a blue bird, meanwhile a bird on the mug will be enough. Pour some tea, don’t be shy, and you’ll say “Sadness goodbye!”

The products are made of high-quality eco-friendly porcelain, mugs look very elegant and seem quite small in volume, but in fact their capacity is no less than 0.57 liters!

Kirsten, Canada
25.03.2020 15:26

This is such a treasure of a mug! I had one in red color for a few months and had my eye on the blue one, so grabbed one immediately when it went on sale.

Miriam, USA
19.03.2020 13:04

This is adorable for any animal lover plus the painting is amazing!! wow!

12.03.2020 17:16

I use it evry day and kust can't stop looking at it! so gorgeous this russian print!