VELIKOROSS mug “Ripe blackberry”


In summer sometimes it is so good to quench your thirst with a handful of ripe blackberries. And in winter you can warm yourself up with a cup of flavored blackberry tea with jam. Children like ripe blackberries very much. As they say, I put my fingers in a jar, so that nobody could see me. I ran away, but I’ve been caught to punish me for little sin.

The products are made of high-quality eco-friendly porcelain, mugs look very elegant and seem quite small in volume, but in fact their capacity is no less than 0.57 liters!

Maggy, Seattle, USA
25.03.2020 15:46

I adore these! I got them in the blue color and they are beautiful so I decided I need this one too. Makes my morning tea/coffee that much nicer!

Alexa, London
19.03.2020 13:14

I love this mug so much that I decided to buy a mug for each one of my closest friends. They all loved theirs.

12.03.2020 17:36

I Like that it is quite big so I can enjoy my tea and don't pour it many times. Cool!