VELIKOROSS mug “Black horses”


The Russian man has a love for horserace across endless home fields on black horses in his blood! So that his breath would be taken away from speed, from vast expanses flying by, and he would be overwhelmed with pride to be a part of all this splendor! And of course with a Russian song! Do you know what else is breathtaking for a Russian person?  A large mug of flavored scalding tea!

As the saying goes, it’s more fun to gallop across the field on a black horse, if you squeeze our tea mug in your paws!

The products are made of high-quality eco-friendly porcelain, mugs look very elegant and seem quite small in volume, but in fact their capacity is no less than 0.57 liters!

Anne, Cologne
25.03.2020 15:34

Very cute and lovely colour. Comfortable to hold while your coffee is still very hot.

Linda, Oslo
19.03.2020 13:02

This mug was super cute and affordable! It was perfect for my friends birthday present and was thoughtful because she likes Russia. Highly recommend to other for simple gifts.

12.03.2020 17:09

This traditional russian print is very nice and all my friends liked it so may be I should get a big package