VELIKOROSS Gift pack of 5 mugs “High five”


Russian man is, first of all, a man of big heart. Russian people are very kind, open-hearted, friendly, sympathetic, know how to be friends and will always help out in trouble. The traditions of Russian Christian piety has taught our people such concepts as brotherhood, compassion, love for one another, willingness to help and support your closest in good and bad times. Russian man will never close his eyes on injustice and will stand by his truth till the end. Russian people are spiritually and financially generous, they give others the warmth of their soul, and if necessary they can even give the “last shirt” to their neighbor.

Russian people are very hospitable and they are glad to meet every guest coming with peace. Last FIFA World Cup proved it, when there were hundreds of fans from all over the world and they were amazed by Russian hospitality! Our people like feasts, inviting guests and spend good time in pleasant company with a cup of strong hot tea!

Amazing gift pack of 5 mugs is made by modern designers from Saint Petersburg. You can choose any mug from our collection.

Alan, Montenegro
25.03.2020 15:37

Great size, comfortable to hold, uniquely beautiful! A great purchase of a whole set with traditional Russia prints. Highly recommend!

Rita, Ukraine
19.03.2020 12:54

I love this cute mug so much that I bought all of them and several to gift away. The combo of my two favorite things: coffee and mug cheer me up every morning.

12.03.2020 17:05

I woulds say it is a perfect family gift indeed! very cool prints, doesn't go away after washing machine.