VELIKOROSS Gift pack of mugs “I love Russia”


Lovely Russia! Russia is the biggest country in the world! Its huge territory stretches from the Baltic Sea to Pacific Ocean and from the Black Sea to Arctic Ocean! The vast expanses of Russia contain the most diverse nature landscapes from ice in the arctic to subtropical coast in the south; from tundra to impassable forests of Siberia! Russian history is filled with both dramatic and brightest and most joyful events; there is no boring middle as in Europe, it is always jumping from one extreme to the other. Russia is a peaceful country, it does not need to conquer other countries, however it has often needed to send uninvited guests away from its territory.

Russia is rich in its cultural and historical traditions, that are maintained and developed throughout centuries by Russian people. Russian history has created what is now called “Russian mentality”, which unique qualities include unshakeable faith in God, sublime spirit and breadth of the soul! Russia has given to the world the most outstanding scientific discoveries, masterpieces in music, architecture, literature and painting. Names of the Russian geniuses are known to every educated man on Earth. Russian people love their motherland with limitless, devoted and permanent love!

We are Russian!

We are Orthodox!

Velikoross is power!

Velikoross is cool!

Velikoross and Russia!

We have one fate!

Full collection of 15 Russian mugs! If you like Russia, you have Russian spirit and faith – this gift is just for you! You can choose any mug from our collection.

Kristine, Norway
25.03.2020 15:33

I bought these mugs because they go with a set, but they are a little large for me. I prefer a smaller mug for my morning tea. However, they will be fine for guests or a cup of tea every now and then.

Elene, France
19.03.2020 12:55

Delightful, whimsical cups! Life is too short to chug without a fun coffee mug. The long and short of it: I bought them all for my big family.

12.03.2020 17:06

I love Russia, its history and everything so I was dreaming of a set of mugs like this! Thnak you, it's very beautiful!