VELIKOROSS Gift pack of 3 mugs “Three heroes”


Three heroes are not only beloved characters of the Russian epics, but also mythical impersonations of three main qualities of the Russian soul. First is love for the Motherland, its well-being and prosperity, willingness to protect it from the enemies at any time, and, if necessary, to give life for it. Second is the greatness of the spirit, based on deep Orthodox faith, high spiritual pursuits and purity of mind. Third is the breadth of the soul, its versatility; it is poetic and contemplative, capable to subtly perceive beauty, show love, kindness, sympathy and joy for the nearest! Three heroes are the impersonation of Russian men! "Three heroes" mug a man bought not in vain: to drink tea with wife or beer on the sly.

Amazing gift pack of 3 mugs is made by modern designers from Saint Petersburg. You can choose any mug from our collection.

Irene, Spain
25.03.2020 15:51

This mug is so excellent, it's great quality, adorable, and a really nice size! Bigger than a standard coffee mug. Also bonus for me, the prints on the mugs cuz I love Russia.

Vanessa, England
19.03.2020 12:53

They look sooo cute on my mug rack.. So unique! Love this collection!

12.03.2020 17:04

Very beautiful package and not only for those loving Russian style!