Belt “Vladimir”

Old Russian bronze with black rawhide fat-tanned leather and hot embossing

Full description
Our branded buckles are made of real Melchior and Brass alloys. There is VELIKOROSS logo on every buckle, on some of them you can see Russian idioms and on the leather – prints of miraculous prayers and Orthodox Cross. Such belt will become a real talisman for you, not like other foreign trinkets. Original VELIKOROSS belt will be a great gift for every man! If you are a real man, then you cannot live without VELIKOROSS belt.

Size chart

Waist Size Up 92 cm. – Belt length 110 cm.
Waist From 92 cm до 102 cm. – Belt length 120 cm.
Waist From 102 cm. до 112 cm. – Belt length 130 cm.
Waist From 112 cm. – Belt length to 150 cm.

Any belt from our Collection can be easily shortened by unplugging the buckle and cutting extra centimetres from the belt. After that, you would just need to put the buckle back on the belt.


Width: 38-40 mm
Thickness: 4 mm
Length: 110, 120, 130, 150 cm 
100% leather 

Alex, USA
27.03.2020 13:34

I took this classic belt, suits everything I wear and makes my look stylish!

Jose, Spain
20.03.2020 14:00

Even cuter in person and easy to style the same way as pictured. Comfortable and good leather.

13.03.2020 14:04

The best of the best!! I threw all my old belts away because I won't need them anymore!