Taiga Trails - brown tones No. 4.3 (Fringed Scarf)

Many of us remember our mothers saying:

-Son, don’t forget to put on your scarf!

A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then...But today it is time to remember motherly care they once showed to all of us!

The legendary company VELIKOROSS is happy to announce you these amazing wonder-scarves of premium quality “Russian forest” created by the leading Saint Petersburg designers and knit of the best, environmentally friendly yarn. Our scarves are not only a comfortable and stylish accessory, but also protect the most important thing - your health! Be Russian from head to toe! Become a VELIKOROSS and stop being afraid to go out into the fresh air!

28.04.2020 14:10

Fantastic product! Bought this scarf for my partner who is very particular with fabric textures and he absolutely loved it. The quality and feel of the scarf are a lot better than expected. Highly recommend, great quality for the price paid!