VELIKOROSS slippers “Russian trace” Black and White Granite


Classic black and white combination is always stylish. Such neutral slippers will be great with any clothes and will appeal almost to everybody, that’s why it is good to have them at home for guests or as a present not being afraid of the wrong choice of the color. So these slippers will look perfect wherever you need to change your shoes to something stylish.



  • Comfortable soft orthopedic sole
  • Made of high-quality hypoallergenic material
  • Reasonable price in comparison with western analogs
  • Cool design and colors for every taste
  • With every step on sand and ground they leave the sign “The Russian trace”, funny for us and scary for our enemies

Composition: PVC, rubber. Size 45 will be good for people with size 46-47.

Robin, Canada
25.03.2020 16:12

I always have several pairs of such slippers in the countryside, so these new are very good, durable rubber I think. Good item

Douglas, Brno
19.03.2020 13:35

There were only one review when I purchased these but it was positive. I am extremely happy with my purchase and highly recommend these to anyone looking for a comfortable slip on sandal.

13.03.2020 12:06

Perfect outdoor slippers! I'm wearing them non stop in the countryside and feel very comfortable!