VELIKOROSS slippers “Russian trace” Young Sprouts

These slippers are great for going to the nature, relaxing on green meadows or forest glade. In such places they will look perfectly together with green grass and trees that please the eye, soothe and immerses you in this blessing state of contemplating our beautiful Russian nature.


  • Comfortable soft orthopedic sole
  • Made of high-quality hypoallergenic material
  • Reasonable price in comparison with western analogs
  • Cool design and colors for every taste
  • With every step on sand and ground they leave the sign “The Russian trace”, funny for us and scary for our enemies

Composition: PVC, rubber. Size 45 will be good for people with size 46-47.

Georgy, NY, USA
26.03.2020 11:59

I bought these for my brother and he loves them. He wears them in the house and outside. They are super comfortable and stylish.

Ilia, Budapest
19.03.2020 13:44

My wife says it's the best slippers to go gardening, comfy and light!

13.03.2020 12:27

Bought different slippers for the whole family for the countryside, looks fine and my kids like this Ru8ssian sign!