VELIKOROSS slippers “Russian trace” Sea Wave

These great slippers are suitable for holidays at the sea coast or near the pool with crystal blue water. While walking along the shore the color of the slippers will merge with the color of waves and you will leave the sign “Russian trace” on the sand. And when you come back from the holidays, these slippers will remind you of the amazing and happy vacation time.



  • Comfortable soft orthopedic sole
  • Made of high-quality hypoallergenic material
  • Reasonable price in comparison with western analogs
  • Cool design and colors for every taste
  • With every step on sand and ground they leave the sign “The Russian trace”, funny for us and scary for our enemies

Composition: PVC, rubber. Size 45 will be good for people with size 46-47.

26.03.2020 11:57

These sandals fit my feett perfectly, comfortable and lovely color. I wore them everyday in and out.

Henry, Bulgaria
19.03.2020 13:42

Bought them on sale, just 12 euro for good slippers!! I am sure I will wear them for many years!

13.03.2020 12:20

Good slippers, the price was okay, and overall experience on thsi website was good!