VELIKOROSS slippers “Russian trace” Sand and Clay

These slippers are ideal for summer walks in the countryside, around its sandy quarries, clay paths, slippery river slopes and forest lakes. On the way back, even after long walks, they will look as good as in the beginning, because dust, clay and sand will be invisible on them.



  • Comfortable soft orthopedic sole

  • Made of high-quality hypoallergenic material

  • Reasonable price in comparison with western analogs

  • Cool design and colors for every taste

  • With every step on sand and ground they leave the sign “The Russian trace”, funny for us and scary for our enemies

Composition: PVC, rubber. Size 45 will be good for people with size 46-47.

Martin, Milan
26.03.2020 11:56

The slippers are comfortable and right fit. Highly recommended!The best I’ve ever owned.

Miles, California, USA
19.03.2020 13:39

Received these today and couldn’t be happier! Fit perfect, soft and doesn't rub my feet even though I always have this problem with rubber.

13.03.2020 12:14

Before I had these classic Nike slippers and I needed something more interesting than just black slippers, found this website and decided to order, shipping was fast so nice purchase!