VELIKOROSS slippers “Russian trace” Yellow Dandelion

These slippers are very good for romantic walk with your beloved one in the fields of yellow dandelions; you can pick up flowers, make dandelion-chains and give it to each other. And after that, hand in hand, to fall together into the yellow sea of flowers and look at the sun shining bright in the sky, like a big beautiful dandelion.



  • Comfortable soft orthopedic sole
  • Made of high-quality hypoallergenic material
  • Reasonable price in comparison with western analogs
  • Cool design and colors for every taste
  • With every step on sand and ground they leave the sign “The Russian trace”, funny for us and scary for our enemies

Composition: PVC, rubber. Size 45 will be good for people with size 46-47.

Steve, Spain
26.03.2020 12:00

Extremely comfortable and nice looking I get a lot of compliments! Nice touch on the sole!

Vladimir, Sofia
19.03.2020 13:43

Can't wait to go to the beach in these slippers, people will be surprised with Russian trace that I am gonna leave :D

13.03.2020 12:22

Very light, you don't feel it on your feet which is very good! I was wearing them the whole day and no problem at all.