Men’s trunks VELIKOROSS “Bright yellow ornament”

Men’s bright yellow trunks with cotton elastic band will be great for those never depressed, loving fun and enjoying lives with their beloved women! Bright color of the trunks will make every evening with your lady unforgettable! Our trunks are made of 95% hypoallergenic cotton and has cotton elastic band. All sizes from S/46 to Hero’s XXXXL/58.

Hector, Texas, USA
24.03.2020 16:03

Amazing quality, comfortable as a second skin, I threw away all my old trunks and bought new in this store

17.03.2020 17:25

Have you seen these color? It's insanely cool, haven't seen anything like this before! Love it!

11.03.2020 17:33

I love these cause they are very comfortable and the length is just right. Most brands are too long. This is a major plus for everyone tall out there.