Men’s trunks VELIKOROSS “Carbon grey”

Intriguing VELIKOROSS trunks in carbon grey shade! Plain trunks are very comfortable to wear, look stylish and sexy; you will knock every woman dead in them! We used neutral colors for this underwear especially for those, who does not like bright colors and prefers minimalist style in clothes. Plain trunks are for calm and confident Russian men!

Size chart

Таблица размеров мужских трусов

Ramon, Dubai
24.03.2020 16:05

I like this basic color and the look, can't imagine something simpler yet comfortable with no annoying labels inside.

Xen, China
17.03.2020 17:27

Finally, some change! We are loaded with cheap chinese underwear so Velikoross is a good example of local brand!

11.03.2020 17:34

Just an all around good pair of boxer-briefs. I like how they fit and feel and are versatile.