Men’s trunks VELIKOROSS “Grey ornament”

Amazing trunks with cotton elastic band. Trunks with Russian ornament tell us, that even hard men want to love and be loved, they tell us about our romantic soul, our love for Russian ornaments and love for beauty! We want our beloved women to like us; we want them to find us handsome and sexy! Not a single woman can resist trunks with Russian ornament. Wear this underwear – support local producer! Trick the demographic crisis!


Size chart

Таблица размеров мужских трусов

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Brett, USA
24.03.2020 16:28

Ideal quality and price,not too loose and very nice to wear.

Rezzo, Italy
17.03.2020 17:28

Washed it millions of times already but they still look fantastic! This quality is the best honestly!

11.03.2020 17:38

Quality of material is breathable and waist band is comfortable, feel myself as a king!