Men’s trunks VELIKOROSS “Green military”

Brutal trunks with cotton elastic band. These are for men, who remembered their serving in the army surrounded by forests and endless Russian plains; for those who are ready to become an invisible partisan for an enemy at any moment; or just like military clothes. The romance of military hikes surrounded by Russian nature has always been attractive for men. And Russian women are attracted by men in VELIKOROSS trunks!


Size chart

Таблица размеров мужских трусов

Sam, Houston, USA
24.03.2020 16:12

My girlfriend likes how they look on me, she says I'm looking very hot and I believe her.

Arnold, USA
17.03.2020 17:42

Great gift for all men who served, it's funny but still symbolic!

11.03.2020 17:37

Nice military print, got it for my husband he loved it! Next time I'm buying some simple models.